Bandwagonhost Masonry VPS Quick Installation BT Pagoda Web panel (suitable for all Linux VPS)

We've also mentioned several articles in previous articles about installing Web site environments in Linux VPS, servers, where most of our webmasters might like panels with visual interfaces, after all, most users are transitioning from virtual hosts and are used to visualizing interfaces. Among them, in the last year, we have seen a relatively new web panel-BT Pagoda panel, supporting Windows and Linux System Building Web panel, in this article, the masonry VPS Chinese network will be installed in 512MB Memory VPS installation BT Panel test. TIP: If we are used to build a site, select the Linux vps/server to recommend more than 512MB of memory.  First, install the default Linux system In the demonstration in this article, I am using 512MB memory to carry the masonry VPS host installation test, if we are used to build the station according to the site traffic needs to adjust the upgrade configuration, the general construction site base needs at least 512MB of memory.The system I use is the CENTOS6 64-bit system. Tip: At present, BT Pagoda panel in CentOS 6 64-bit system compatibility is better.  Second, enter a one-click command installation Yum install-y wget && wget-o && sh ip: […]

How should you choose to have so many machine rooms and program configurations?

Today, we see the Bandwagonhost Merchant VPS New data center again, adding a New Jersey data center, for most users is not much use, because the actual speed and line is certainly not as good as the original West Bank ordinary Los Angeles, more than CN2 Gia and other optimized lines, Just add another line node on the basis of the original computer room.This is for users who need a multi-machine room, and switch to an extra machine room. Many of our netizens see that the masonry VPS host has more than 10 machine room nodes, and there are various configurations, so how to choose it?According to different needs and different budget capabilities, in this article, the masonry Chinese network will organize what we think is a good choice strategy. Tip: At any time, we do not numb the pursuit of business Almighty, each business has its own advantages and disadvantages.  First, according to our budget ability to choose There must be some netizens, like the author, from the masonry VPS host only began to go online there is the use of this service provider, some of them with the business strategy changes, reduce the low configuration and low prices […]

Use the masonry coupon code to make the price a little lower

If we have used other merchants or the same configuration of VPS host products, will certainly be the same as me, feel that the masonry VPS host is enough cheap, The annual payment of up to 3.99 U.S. dollars of full-featured VPS server solutions, we can be used to build stations (construction station recommended 512MB memory above), hanging projects, software testing and other requirements of the function.Do we also know that from the official egg message, you can see that you can also use the 3-5% coupon code, can make the final cost a little cheaper. Tip: At present, the masonry VPS has supported PayPal and Alipay payment methods, we do not have to look for purchase. If we feel that we are already very cheap, really can not bear to use the coupon code, then we may also choose not to use.After the new purchase of the use of the discount, the renewal is also the price.  First, choose the required annual payment plan We can start with a normal purchase based on the new registration/purchase strategy, most of which will be selected from the following 10 scenarios. If we have used other merchants or the same configuration of […]

Masonry VPS Host Traffic calculation mode/flow run out how to do?

When we see any VPS, server configuration, see the number of CPU cores, memory, hard disk, in fact, we are most concerned about whether there is traffic?Flow we should be more clear, just like mobile phone traffic, even if the phone can answer the phone, but the lack of traffic will not be overspent package fees?For our choice of Masonry VPS host Scheme (Introduction to the common scheme of masonry VPS), is not to see the traffic is still different?Some 500GB, 1000GB, as well as Hong Kong machine room 100GB and so on. Under normal circumstances, we generally build station use, 100GB monthly flow is enough, unless you really are relatively large site is not enough, so we basically do not have to worry about insufficient traffic.If our project does consume a lot of traffic, then how do we deal with these problems. TIP: The traffic of the General VPS host is calculated in both directions, and access is required to be calculated. In this article, the masonry Chinese network will share with netizens in detail about the way to calculate the traffic of the masonry VPS host, and how to see how much traffic we have left?Of course, we […]

Novice users to move masonry VPS Purchase Graphic Guidance tutorial

Through this complete masonry graphic purchase tutorial strategy, whether we are novice or veteran, whether we have purchased overseas hosts for the first time or several times, whether we are familiar with and proficient in English, can be referred to.Sometimes, we can buy their own overseas host or domain name and other products, but also their own ability to improve the embodiment. If we've already purchased it, it's easy to achieve, and if you haven't experienced it yet, look down slowly, because there are some tips that still need our attention.  First, select the corresponding and required VPS scheme In the following 6 VPS scenarios, select the memory, traffic, and hard disk scenarios you need, and you'll need to click a direct link to purchase them, because you don't need to enter a verification code information when you sign up/sign in to your account. First, Los Angeles CN2 GIA (three-net direct connection, speed stability)   Scheme   Memory Hard disk Monthly Flow Room Price Click to buy A Configuration 512MB 10GB SSD 300GB GIA CN2 $39.99/years Click to buy B Configuration  1GB 20GB SSD   1TB GIA CN2 $25.99/Quarter Click to buy C Configuration  2GB 40GB SSD   2TB GIA […]

Recommended Scheme for masonry VPS

The masonry VPS, from 2013 to the present, from the beginning to provide the annual payment as low as 3.99 dollars cheap VPS host began, set off the VPS host low price frenzy.At that time, we could see a 64MB, 96MB, 128MB, 512MB, and 1024MB memory solution based on the difference between memory and traffic.However, since 2018, merchants have been gradually transforming, shutting down and lowering low-configuration and low-priced solutions, starting with the optimization of lines and speeds, as well as stabilizing server services as the main feature. Since 2019, businesses have been cancelling programs that are less than $20 trillion in annual payments.If we need to choose a low-priced VPS host in the masonry VPS host in the future, it should be a thing of the past.Starting in 2019, merchants should improve their advantages from stability and line and cost-effective service providers, so let’s look forward to it. Masonry VPS, all using KVM architecture of the Linux system environment, support CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and many other common system versions.And do not limit the number of reloading systems (some businesses have a daily/monthly limit on the number of installations), so for beginners to learn VPS, there is a need to […]

Choosing the method of moving masonry VPS machine room and correctly switching computer room/IP

If we are early a batch began to use and familiar with the masonry VPS host business netizens, will certainly know that the original service provider's VPS is really cheap.However, the development of the past few years, has been the elimination of cheap solutions, and in recent times the annual payment of 19 of dollars of programs of the machine has begun to supply insufficient, the purpose is certainly the same as the original in order to launch a high-configuration and high-profit machine.Of course, it is also partly because of ensuring stability and quality customers. The feature of the masonry VPS host is now not in price, but in the fact that it has multiple data centers.A lot of people have to say again, who doesn't have a data center, and we've seen more than 10 data center merchants?You are right, every business has advantages and disadvantages, the data center of this business is free to switch directly, and then transform IP and computer room, and the data unchanged.And some other businesses need to submit work orders, or remove the machine to reopen. TIP: For the masonry business Multi-machine room scheme, what exactly is the use of our users? In […]

The reason and solution of the IP seal of the masonry server

Often have to see netizens in the QQ group, the forum has mentioned their use of the masonry bandwagonhost server IP seal problem, in fact, we use other service providers of the host can also appear these problems.But most of the reasons for these problems are due to projects and uses that our users should not have in the process of using them.This is not, we have mentioned in all the articles and prominent locations, we need to use the formal use in the purchase of any VPS. If we have a problem with the use of the masonry VPS host and the IP is blocked, is there a solution?In this article, the masonry Chinese network will be collated after the server IP is blocked, and we may address several approaches. Tip: Again, we use any VPS, the server should be used formally.  First, the new purchase server There's really nothing wrong with this approach for the rich, and if IP is blocked, we'll buy one again.After all, these users should be aware of their own project problems, so will not look for business theory, they know their own problems, why trouble?The merchant and the law itself do not allow […]

Why the masonry VPS host IP easy to seal the method of not sealing the IP address

In recent times, we moved masonry Chinese network to see a lot of netizens in complaining about their purchase of the masonry bandwagonhost VPS Host Server IP was sealed, most netizens should be built not allowed items caused by, There are some netizens are used for the formal construction of stations or their own learning to use the actually also have IP address sealed problem.The more problems that have arisen before are that some of the projects we have built are not allowed, so that the sealed IP address can also make sense, if it is for no reason to be sealed IP, what is the problem? In view of this problem, we will analyze and elaborate on the problems that have arisen with the recent masonry VPS to see if we are also part of these issues and what we can do to solve the problem.We have previously described the reasons for the server IP seal and the workaround in the article "Why the masonry server IP is blocked and the workaround", but this article should be more detailed and give some user guidance and advice. TIP: If we are a regular long-term project, it is recommended to choose […]

Masonry VPS host CN2 GT & amp; CN2 GIA selection recommendations

If we have a focus on the masonry VPS merchants friends will certainly know something, it turns out that we are using the CN2 GT scheme (DC3/DC8) speed is really better than the ordinary line room.Unicom and telecommunications are directly connected, and the speed is relatively stable at night and during the day.And some time ago, some netizens released merchants in preparation for the withdrawal of the GIA CN2 line program, in the last week we also saw the official release of a test program. In theory, the CN2 GIA program line is indeed currently relatively good and better than CN2 GT, there will be telecommunications, mobile, unicom three network direct connection.But at present is in the testing stage, we can choose the test in the case of goods, the actual production use can be used after the official launch. TIP: At present Gia CN2 is the testing phase, so stability is not guaranteed. In this article, the masonry Chinese network will simply compare the difference between the CN2 GT and the CN2 Gia line.  Comparison of the first and two programmes Half-year 29.99 program (Los Angeles CN2) Month 10.58 Program (CN2 GIA) Memory: 1024MB hard disk: 20GB SSD traffic: […]