Several questions about the renewal, automatic renewal and cancellation of the cost of the masonry VPS

When we buy overseas vps/servers, we are most worried about the security of funds, especially when using PayPal, credit cards and other payment methods, because some businesses are told that the automatic renewal, but because we do not understand the problem is not clear after the purchase of the VPS host is the agreement automatic renewal, Many friends did not delete the cancellation order in time, resulting in the deduction.

In our masonry VPS host, there are still some questions about the renewal, such as whether it will automatically renew the issue, such as whether we can continue to activate after cancelling the order let us continue to renew the fee.In this article, we will share the official answers about the renewal of the masonry VPS mainframe to solve our doubts.

Tip: At present, the masonry VPS supports Alipay, PayPal, credit card payment.

 First, on the issue of automatic renewal

From the above, we can see that in the VPS list by default there is an on state, many people think it is automatic automatic renewal, in fact, according to the official interpretation of any machine will not automatically deduct fees, all the use of user-owned payment mode.This on only means that when the bill expires, it will be emailed, as well as backstage reminders that we need to renew it, resulting in a renewal payment slip.If we click off, it won't push us to renew the laborious list.

Tip: After we buy it is on state, there is no need to close, even if we do not renew the fee does not matter.

 Second, whether the fee can be renewed in advance

Masonry VPS can not be renewed in advance, must be 7 days before the expiration of the product, the official will push mail, backstage push renewal payment work list in billing, we see unpaid bills after the meeting to pay, we have 12 days to renew the time, if we are worried about the problem of forgetting to renew the fee, We can recharge the account in the background add funds to the account, and then go and let the system automatically deduct the charges from the balance.

 Third, how to restart the reminder to renew the laborious single question

We have some netizens, including myself, after starting to buy masonry vps, worried about automatic renewal, so will off the Bill Reminder option, if we also want to renew, it can be 8 days before the bill expires, through the submission of ticket work orders, the application needs to activate the bill we need to renew the matter, The authorities will give us a re-opening of the bill to renew our fees.

Tip: On the issue of renewal, we just have to remember a few times, the official will not automatically renew the fee deduction, we need to 6-7 days in advance to see the renewal laborious, we will pay again.

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