Allow bandwagonhost/to move masonry KVM VPS to replace CN2 line

Bandwagonhost Masonry VPS Host merchants, officially online CN2 line VPS host.We can see from the actual rate of evaluation is still quite good, telecommunications is a direct connection line, Unicom in the future will also change.If we are used to build a website or project needs a good speed, it is recommended that you can choose the CN2 line of the machine room, but there is a problem.At present, there are only 2 CN2 line schemes, and the minimum configuration requires 3.99/month, with an annual payment of about 28 U.S. dollars.(Reference: bandwagonhost/masonry Los Angeles CN2 machine room speed performance test)

Is there a way we can choose cheaper to move the masonry vps, and can enjoy the speed of the CN2 line?Here is a good technique, such as our current if there are other ordinary KVM architecture VPS, such as the annual payment of 19 U.S. dollars, the monthly payment of 2.99 KVM Multi-machine room VPS, in the background can switch the machine room to see the CN2 line room.

TIP: We can change from a normal KVM solution to a CN2 line by switching the room.

 First, there is a KVM machine switch CN2

Many of our friends may have bought VPS in other KVM rooms before, and here we hope to experience the speed of the CN2, you can choose the CN2 machine room in the replacement room menu.

Masonry Los Angeles CN2 VPS

We can see that in "Migrate to another DC", select "Us:los Angeles, California (DC8 CN2) [Usca_8]–premium bandwidth multiplier:0.33x", can be To see that there is a CN2 machine room, but the back of the prompt, the flow will be the original One-third.About 180GB per month.If we turned out to be ordinary machine room 500GB flow, to CN2 will be 180GB, after all, the price is not right, for the general user, this reduced traffic to improve the CN2 room is no problem.

 Second, the purchase of CN2 skills

If we don't care about the price between us, we can look at all the current VPS configurations, refer to: The Masonry VPS recommendation scheme.If we consider the price cost, and not because the 500GB flow is reduced to 180GB, we can first buy the ordinary KVM multi-room scheme, and then switch to the CN2 machine room.If the speed after purchase is not particularly ideal, you can also switch back.

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