Masonry OPENVZ Architecture The lower rack cannot be renewed to migrate to the KVM schema

In the last few days, if we move the masonry bandwagonhost Host account There is also an earlier OPENVZ architecture VPS Host users should be receive a work order mail, about this architecture VPS host stop renewal notice.Whether we are 3.99 or 4.99, or even 19.99 years of payment, will not be able to renew after the expiration, at present we can see from the list of products is to cancel the renewal notice.Officially, each of our machines is delayed for two weeks and can be used to migrate data. As a result, the OPENVZ architecture has been gradually eliminated, there are very few mainframe operators are used, and we have mentioned in previous articles, the masonry Chinese network mentioned that Bandwagonhost merchants will continue to improve the performance of products and service groups, will not provide low-cost configuration.The entire product is currently a KVM architecture, and if we are a OPENVZ architecture, we need to migrate data to the newly purchased KVM schema server. TIP: We can choose to repurchase the server, but we can't migrate quickly.  First, how do I migrate data? If we have a OPENVZ architecture in our account, we can see the above email.This means […]

Several questions about the renewal, automatic renewal and cancellation of the cost of the masonry VPS

When we buy overseas vps/servers, we are most worried about the security of funds, especially when using PayPal, credit cards and other payment methods, because some businesses are told that the automatic renewal, but because we do not understand the problem is not clear after the purchase of the VPS host is the agreement automatic renewal, Many friends did not delete the cancellation order in time, resulting in the deduction. In our masonry VPS host, there are still some questions about the renewal, such as whether it will automatically renew the issue, such as whether we can continue to activate after cancelling the order let us continue to renew the fee.In this article, we will share the official answers about the renewal of the masonry VPS mainframe to solve our doubts. Tip: At present, the masonry VPS supports Alipay, PayPal, credit card payment.  First, on the issue of automatic renewal From the above, we can see that in the VPS list by default there is an on state, many people think it is automatic automatic renewal, in fact, according to the official interpretation of any machine will not automatically deduct fees, all the use of user-owned payment mode.This on only […]

Comparison of 8 data centers of masonry VPS host

Currently, the masonry VPS is available in Los Angeles (Los Angeles) Qnet, Mcom, New York, Phoenix (Phoenix Arizona), Florida (Florida), the Netherlands (Netherlands) data Center, We can select a data center based on the items we need, or we can switch rooms in the KIWIVM panel after selection, and you can use this method to replace the IP. TIP: All test IPs are from the submission of the work order to the official, we can also submit a work order to apply to their latest IP. Id Data center Test IP Address Demo Address 1 LOS Angeles Qnet 2 Phoenix 3 Florida 4 Netherlands 5 Vermont 6 LOS Angeles Macom 7 New york 8 Canada 9 LOS Angeles QN (KVM) 10 LOS Angeles CN2 (KVM)

How to self-upgrade the masonry VPS host?

At the beginning, we don't know how much memory and traffic we need. VPS scenarios may be selected by the masonry VPS opening tutorial to a scheme similar to the annual payment of 3.99, but the required traffic for the project may not be sufficient, and we can upgrade to other high-memory and hard disk, monthly traffic scenarios in the following ways. 2017 Year Update: If we don't see the upgrade configuration when we update the upgrade in the background, we can submit a work order asking if the merchant can help with the upgrade. TIP: Upgrade directly through the following method, or find any netizen who can help PayPal pay. Before upgrading, the data and configuration in our servers are generally not affected, so there is basically no need to back up the data.  First, select the VPS solution that needs to be upgraded According to the figure above, we can go to all current VPS lists, select the scenarios that need to be upgraded, and click the corresponding Manage button to enter the management.  Second, click the Upgrade Options button In the figure above, we can see and click the "Upgrade/downgrade" button to prepare for the upgrade.  Third, […]

Novice users to move masonry VPS Purchase Graphic Guidance tutorial

Through this complete masonry graphic purchase tutorial strategy, whether we are novice or veteran, whether we have purchased overseas hosts for the first time or several times, whether we are familiar with and proficient in English, can be referred to.Sometimes, we can buy their own overseas host or domain name and other products, but also their own ability to improve the embodiment. If we've already purchased it, it's easy to achieve, and if you haven't experienced it yet, look down slowly, because there are some tips that still need our attention.  First, select the corresponding and required VPS scheme In the following 6 VPS scenarios, select the memory, traffic, and hard disk scenarios you need, and you'll need to click a direct link to purchase them, because you don't need to enter a verification code information when you sign up/sign in to your account. Second, check the configuration of the program and select the time period and machine room We will then see the interface shown in the figure above, according to the diagram we need to determine the choice of the scheme and the time, the default is the Los Angeles machine room, we can also choose one of […]

Request refund policy and method for masonry VPS host

Generally we choose domestic and foreign host products, merchants support in a certain cycle to the refund, because we contact a new business before, for the merchant really do not know very well, even if you hear some friends introduction or evaluation blog Introduction.But after our actual use there may indeed be some gap with what we actually expect.For example, we are in the purchase of masonry VPS mainframe host, speed, stability and so on is not particularly satisfied, the user request for a refund is understandable. Masonry VPS Host originally in the author contact when the refund policy is an account has two refunds to apply for permission, we after the purchase of VPS host, within 30 days can apply for a refund, only need to submit a work order application can be.However, the policy has now changed to support only the newly registered account within 30 days, and then the purchased VPS host to request a refund only to support, and only one application is supported. TIP: If we need a refund in choosing a masonry VPS host, only a new registered account can be supported within 30 days. Therefore, for any new contact with the merchant, we […]

Masonry VPS Solution: Update all masonry bandwagonhost configuration lists and purchase channels

Moving masonry, because its official website logo is bandwagonhost, a bit like the spelling of Banwagong, so our domestic stationmaster likes to call as a masonry VPS.The masonry vps is a cheap VPS host with high cost performance, and it is suitable for entry-level netizens to learn Linux and build station uses.(Affirmation and Recommendation: The use of VPS, servers for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited and must be used formally.)) The masonry VPS, affiliated to the United States IT7 Company’s low-priced KVM, OpenVZ VPS Host Program, since December 2018 to cancel the Ovz renewal.In particular, several special cheap annual payment VPS, whether from value for money or stability are very suitable for Volkswagen VPS user needs, we can use to build stations, Linux system learning, software debugging, can also complete a variety of beginners need to test the normal use of the project.Anyway, it can be used exclusively as a novice to learn VPS host selection cost-effective VPS.The CN2 line has been added successively and the Hong Kong computer room has been added in October 2017.The masonry VPS ( unofficial website, just because the author uses this VPS for a long time, and easy for other new users to learn […]