How to choose the DC3 and DC8 rooms of the masonry CN2 scheme

If we have experienced and tested users of the masonry general KVM and OPENVZ architecture scheme, and compared to the masonry VPSCN2 line certainly know that the current overseas line CN2 speed is relatively good.And the masonry VPS host CN2 machine room/line is telecommunications, Unicom are directly connected, whether at night or during the day, the speed is indeed better than the ordinary MC, Qnet, the basic ping value is also within 200, of course, the occasional instability is also there.

These days, some netizens mentioned that in the choice of the masonry VPS host program (the masonry VPS recommendation program) when you see there are 2 CN2 machine room, DC3 and DC8, in the end what is the difference between the two?

Tip: From the actual test, ordinary KVM is really not as fast and stable as the CN2 scheme.

So when we choose the CN2 scheme, whether we choose DC3 or DC8?

 First, Options View/How to select

When we choose, we can see that there are DC3 and DC8, in fact, there is no difference between the two?What if there is a choice of difficulties?Very simple, choose one of them, because we can switch the machine room behind, if you feel the need to switch to DC8 switch to look at the speed comparison.

At the same time, if we are a normal KVM architecture solution, we can also switch to CN2 's two machine rooms (Los Angeles CN2 line scheme switch other KVM ordinary machine room), ordinary KVM room can also switch to CN2.

 Comparison of the second, DC3 and DC8

On the above, I also mentioned that if not sure, it is very simple, directly choose a DC3 or DC8, and then use to see, and then switch to another to compare, which is easy to do which.The advantage of moving masonry VPS is that it can be switched at will.Here I'll just take a look at one of my own machines and compare them.

As we can see from the figure above, the background can be switched.

Above we can see the speed of the DC3.

Above we can see the speed of the DC8.

 Third, comparative analysis and selection

From the comparison above, there is basically not much difference in speed.So we can start choosing one at a time when we choose, and then use it, and if you feel the need to experience another machine room, switch over to see it.

However, we should not be too obsessed with CN2, because sometimes sometimes the night will be unstable, but the whole is certainly much better than the ordinary KVM.

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