bandwagonhost/Masonry The speed performance test of CN2 machine room in Los Angeles

As the Bandwagonhost merchant program, the new Los Angeles CN2 machine room was added in August, although the price is different from our expected advantages, we originally thought the price or the original annual payment of the minimum price of 19 U.S. dollars, and then all the lines are adjusted, so the cost-effective advantage is more obvious.However, due to the cost of the problem, we also see the cost of other businesses CN2 line, the current addition of 2 masonry CN2 Machine Room program, the monthly fee as low as 3.99 U.S. dollars, the annual payment of the minimum of about 28 U.S. dollars.

At present, CN2 line to China Telecom user line speed is direct connection, the average ping speed measurement in about 160, the data is still quite good, Unicom has not yet optimized the line, it is said that the follow-up will be adjusted.However, for most telecom users, this machine room speed is relatively good, although some times still a bit of ventilation, but compared to other computer rooms will be much more stable.

Tip: The masonry CN2 machine room scheme, can not switch other computer rooms, only one CN2 machine room.

 First, bandwagonhost/masonry Los Angeles CN2 test IP


Download speed: Http://

 Second, bandwagonhost/masonry Los Angeles CN2 ping Speed test

1. Telecom Lines

Masonry Los Angeles CN2 VPS

1, Unicom Line

Masonry Los Angeles CN2 VPS

1. Mobile lines

Masonry Los Angeles CN2 VPS

We can also refer to the "Bandwagonhost 8 data center Ping Speed Test comparison selection of the best VPS" article, compared to the original masonry other machine room speed, CN2 is still relatively good at present.When our users choose, if the speed requirements are not very high, after all, considering that there is only one machine room, and the price will be higher than the other, we can consider the choice.

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