How do I change the IP address of a masonry VPS?How do I ensure IP security?

If we had early contact with the masonry VPS Merchant Server IP address was sealed and then requested to replace the IP will find that at that time a new IP address needs 19.99 dollars A, really not worth our replacement.Because the re-purchase of a VPS host is not the new year to pay only 19.99 dollars, if the monthly payment plan is even less necessary to replace, a direct repurchase of one is enough.But in recent times, many netizens have been blocked IP addresses, as well as merchants have adjusted the payment cycle, from the original separate new purchase IP address adjustment price, currently needs about 6 U.S. dollars.

If our VPS host IP address is blocked, is not allowed to replace the machine room (previously can be replaced by replacing the computer room for IP), we currently have only 2 options, one is to repurchase a new IP address, and one is to throw away the current repurchase of one.

Tip: If buying a new IP address is not expensive, and our server is paying more than the IP price cost, or is it recommended to purchase an IP

In this article, the masonry Chinese network will share how we can repurchase the IP address and then make a replacement.

 First, check the server IP situation

Before we choose to replace the server IP, we need to check to see if there is a real problem with the IP address of our masonry VPS host.There are times when our servers are temporarily paused due to system web problems and possible CPU overload loads.The easiest way we need to look at the background server is not in normal operation, if in normal operation, through the Ping tool to detect this IP address if not accessible in the country, foreign can access the ping record, that may be sealed IP.

At the same time, we need to check the current server expiration time, if it is a monthly payment plan, then there is no need to replace the repurchase of IP, directly re-purchase a masonry VPS can be.If it is an annual payment scenario and the cost of a new IP purchase is low, you will need to purchase an IP.

 Second, how to change the IP address request

Application Address:

With the above figure, we can see that the current replacement of an IP address price is $8.79 US dollar, which is sometimes subject to change, before the lowest only about 2 dollars.What is seen at present is this price, do not understand whether it will change in the future.We can select the VPS host in our own account and then click the Red button to apply.

After the application is complete, we can see the bill that needs to be paid at the server billing office, and then we can pay for it.

 Third, waiting for replacement

After payment is completed, we need to wait within 24 hours, customer service will change the new IP to our masonry VPS host, after the replacement we can see the new IP, the old IP will be canceled.

 Iv. replacement of IP and security recommendations

In recent times, see a lot of netizens IP addresses are blocked.But if we use the formal is no problem, so I recommend the use of any VPS host when the formal use, such as for learning and site use, of course, is the use of formal websites.The odds of being sealed like this are small.

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