Masonry Hong Kong data Center/Machine Room VPS Host performance Speed test

According to the planning time before the Bandwagonhost merchants, we finally saw the real Hong Kong machine Room VPS Mainframe on October 25, but a few days before we came out we actually saw the test machine, we can submit the work order backstage to ask for a play, However, the actual configuration and price is consistent with what we see.When you really see the machine, the feeling is more expensive, but look at the configuration port, it is still acceptable, of course, for users who need it.

If we are only used to learn Linux purposes, in fact, there is no need to buy, and do not support the replacement of the machine room, so the masonry Chinese network suggested to start users or choose the ordinary Ovz or KVM program "Masonry VPS Recommendation Program."If we need to test and need a faster speed, we can try, of course, to try the Hong Kong computer room on a monthly basis, because any machine can not ensure long-term stability, we pay the most wise monthly.

TIP: If we need a Hong Kong machine for the purpose of building a station, it is recommended to buy Ali or Tencent or something like that.

 First, ping Speed test

Here, according to a machine of your own purchase, then test to see the actual speed situation, sub-telecom and Unicom try both line ping speed.

1. Telecom

Moving masonry Hong Kong computer room Telecom Speed measurement

2. Unicom

Moving masonry Hong Kong machine room unicom speed measurement

It's nice to see from the ping speed, but there are some nodes that are timed out or have a large packet drop delay.

 Second, the Routing tracking Test line

Masonry Hong Kong computer room Telecom routing tracking test

We can see that the Hong Kong computer Room Telecommunications line is the walking PCCW.

 Third, IO, domestic node download speed measurement

Masonry Hong Kong machine room hard disk reading, writing and downloading

The masonry Hong Kong machine Room is also configured SSD SSD, from the reading and writing speed can be seen really better, domestic download speed due to the line direct connection problem, and 1Gbps port, so relatively fast.The only problem is that the flow is relatively small, the basic scheme is only 100GB traffic.So, if we need a big flow use, we choose carefully.

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