Novice users to move masonry VPS Purchase Graphic Guidance tutorial

Through this complete masonry graphic purchase tutorial strategy, whether we are novice or veteran, whether we have purchased overseas hosts for the first time or several times, whether we are familiar with and proficient in English, can be referred to.Sometimes, we can buy their own overseas host or domain name and other products, but also their own ability to improve the embodiment.

If we've already purchased it, it's easy to achieve, and if you haven't experienced it yet, look down slowly, because there are some tips that still need our attention.

 First, select the corresponding and required VPS scheme

In the following 6 VPS scenarios, select the memory, traffic, and hard disk scenarios you need, and you'll need to click a direct link to purchase them, because you don't need to enter a verification code information when you sign up/sign in to your account.

First, Los Angeles CN2 GIA (three-net direct connection, speed stability)

  Scheme  MemoryHard diskMonthly FlowRoomPriceClick to buy
A Configuration
Click to buy
B Configuration 1GB20GB SSD  1TBGIA CN2
$25.99/QuarterClick to buy
C Configuration 2GB40GB SSD  2TBGIA CN2
$51.99/QuarterClick to buy
D Configuration 4GB80GB SSD  3TBGIA CN2
$32.99/MonthClick to buy
E Configuration 8GB160GB SSD  5TBGIA CN2
$62.99/MonthClick to buy
F Configuration 16GB320GB SSD  8TBGIA CN2
$119.99/MonthClick to buy

Second, Los Angeles CN2 Machine Room (Los Angeles CN2 machine room, you can switch other KVM ordinary machine room)

The CN2 GT scheme has two optional half CN2 schemes DC3 CN2 and DC8 CN2.What we might see at the time of purchase is DC3 CN2, but we can switch the engine room to DC8 CN2.Of course, you can also switch to other overseas machine rooms of the normal KVM architecture, and you cannot switch to CN2 GIA.The speed of the day is OK, and the delay at night is higher than that of CN2 Gia.

  Scheme  MemoryHard diskMonthly FlowRoomPriceClick to buy
A Configuration  512MB10GB SSD  500GBLOS Angeles CN2$29.99/yearsClick to buy
B Configuration 1GB20GB SSD  1000GBLOS Angeles CN2$29.99/half YearClick to buy
C Configuration 2GB40GB SSD  2000GBLOS Angeles CN2$27.99/QuarterClick to buy
D Configuration 4GB80GB SSD  3000GBLOS Angeles CN2$19.99/MonthClick to buy
E Configuration 8GB160GB SSD  5000GBLOS Angeles CN2$39.99/Month
Click to buy

Third, Hong Kong computer Room scheme (Hong Kong computer room only, can not switch machine room)

The masonry VPS Mainframe also offers Hong Kong computer rooms, using the Hong Kong PCCW line.Unlike many Hong Kong VPS host businesses, which provide up to 1Gbps of bandwidth, we generally see that they are 1-5m, rarely encounter 1Gbps, and there may be rare businesses that offer 100M or 30Mbps.Masonry Hong Kong Machine room configuration can not switch machine room, only one machine room.

SchemeMemoryHard diskMonthly FlowRoomPriceClick to buy
A Configuration4096MB80GB300GBHong kong$39.99/MonthClick to buy
B Configuration8192MB160GB500GBHong kong$79.99/MonthClick to buy
C Configuration
Hong kong$159.99/Month
Click to buy
D Configuration
2000GBHong kong$319.99/Month
Click to buy
E Configuration
4000GBHong kong$599.99/MonthClick to buy

IV, KVM VPS architecture Scheme (can switch to CN2 GT machine room, but traffic will be reduced by two-thirds)

The masonry VPS General Room solution, you can switch to CN2 GT machine room, but after switching traffic will be reduced to one-third, can not switch to CN2 GIA or Hong Kong machine room.For users with insufficient budgets and the need for CN2 GT lines, you can use them, and users with little traffic usage can choose from them.

Scheme MemoryHard disk Monthly Flow  Room PriceClick to buy
A Configuration1024MB
8 Machine Rooms
$25.99/half YearClick to buy
B Configuration2048MB
8 Machine Rooms
$27.99/seasonClick to buy
C Configuration4096MB80GB SSD3000GB8 Machine Rooms$19.99/MonthClick to buy
D Configuration
8 Machine Rooms$39.99/Month
Click to buy
E Configuration
8 Machine Rooms
$79.99/MonthClick to buy

V, Los Angeles CN2 GIA ecommerce Large bandwidth Solutions

Starting in mid-February 2019, we can see that the masonry VPS host merchants have added Los Angeles CN2 Gia DC6 machine room, using their logo as CN2 Gia ECOMMERCE, mainly for enterprise-class users.Provides up to 10Gbps bandwidth.You can switch to multiple computer rooms, but switching to a Hong Kong machine room is not supported.

Scheme  MemoryHard diskMonthly FlowRoomPriceClick to buy
A Configuration (2.5Gbps)
Click to buy
B Configuration (2.5Gbps) 2GB40GB SSD  2000GBDC6 GIA CN2$69.99/QuarterClick to buy
C Configuration (2.5Gbps) 4GB80GB SSD 3000GBDC6 GIA CN2$49.99/MonthClick to buy
D Configuration (5Gbps) 8GB160GB SSD  5000GBDC6 GIA CN2$75.99/MonthClick to buy
E Configuration (5Gbps) 16GB320GB SSD 8000GBDC6 GIA CN2$129.99/MonthClick to buy
F Configuration (10Gbps) 32GB640GB SSD 10000GBDC6 GIA CN2$249.99/MonthClick to buy
G Configuration (10Gbps) 64GB1280GB SSD 12000GBDC6 GIA CN2$479.99/MonthClick to buy

Currently available masonry VPS list: Click here to see all the current can buy the masonry program, and the purchase time to use the Bwh26fxh3hiq coupon code to save 6%, can save a little good, you think?

Tip: Even after we purchase a low configuration scenario, we can upgrade to other scenarios in the future.

 Second, check the configuration of the program and select the time period and machine room

We will then see the interface shown in the figure above, according to the diagram we need to determine the choice of the scheme and the time, the default is the Los Angeles machine room, we can also choose one of the other computer rooms, click "Add to CART" to add shopping cart.

Masonry coupon Code: Currently we can use the BWH26FXH3HIQ coupon code to save another 5%

Check the price of our selection plan, no problem after clicking Checkout Checkout.

 Third, login or newly registered to carry masonry account

According to the above, if we have an account, we can log in directly by clicking "Click here to Login" and pay, if you do not have an account, you need to register your account.Personal information should not be true, but also can not be too outrageous and random writing characters out, at least a little with a little pinyin.

TIP: We can't sign up for an account with a proxy IP, the country needs to be real, don't mess with the choice.

 Iv. Successful payment and use

At present, only PayPal payment is supported, so we need to have an account, if we can not register, and can use account balance, can also bind credit card, UnionPay payment, if there is really no way, you can contact us for purchase.

Wait a minute or so, we login to the tile account backstage, we can see the successful after the purchase of the VPS host, we can log in to the panel use.

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