Masonry VPS host CN2 GT & amp; CN2 GIA selection recommendations

If we have a focus on the masonry VPS merchants friends will certainly know something, it turns out that we are using the CN2 GT scheme (DC3/DC8) speed is really better than the ordinary line room.Unicom and telecommunications are directly connected, and the speed is relatively stable at night and during the day.And some time ago, some netizens released merchants in preparation for the withdrawal of the GIA CN2 line program, in the last week we also saw the official release of a test program.

In theory, the CN2 GIA program line is indeed currently relatively good and better than CN2 GT, there will be telecommunications, mobile, unicom three network direct connection.But at present is in the testing stage, we can choose the test in the case of goods, the actual production use can be used after the official launch.

TIP: At present Gia CN2 is the testing phase, so stability is not guaranteed.

In this article, the masonry Chinese network will simply compare the difference between the CN2 GT and the CN2 Gia line.

 Comparison of the first and two programmes

Half-year 29.99 program (Los Angeles CN2)Month 10.58 Program (CN2 GIA)
Memory: 1024MB h
ard disk: 20GB SSD tr
affic: 1000gb/month P
rice: $29.99/half year (years $49)
Memory: 2048MB h
ard disk: 40GB SSD t
raffic: 2000gb/month
Price: $10.58/month
Direct Solution channel (KVM Los Angeles CN2)  Direct Solution channel (CN2 GIA Test)

Because GIA currently has only one Test solution, the scheme does not have a choice.And the former CN2 GT has a number of computer room selection, the latter only a computer room, whether the specific later can be switched to wait for the actual see prevail.

 Second, select suggestions

At present, the CN2 GIA program is in the testing phase, and is not always in stock, if we need to choose the test, can be tested when there is in stock, if we just want to use stably, it is recommended to use the CN2 GT scheme first, because from the stability or the old stability.After the new GIA program stabilizes, we'll test the selection.

At present, due to a variety of reasons, IP is easy to be sealed, so we choose and use the server when the need for formal use, formal site use is not easy to be sealed IP, so we need to use when used.Whether or not to buy a new IP still requires a cost.(How to change the IP address of the masonry VPS and how to ensure IP Security)

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