How should you choose to have so many machine rooms and program configurations?

Today, we see the Bandwagonhost Merchant VPS New data center again, adding a New Jersey data center, for most users is not much use, because the actual speed and line is certainly not as good as the original West Bank ordinary Los Angeles, more than CN2 Gia and other optimized lines, Just add another line node on the basis of the original computer room.This is for users who need a multi-machine room, and switch to an extra machine room.

Many of our netizens see that the masonry VPS host has more than 10 machine room nodes, and there are various configurations, so how to choose it?According to different needs and different budget capabilities, in this article, the masonry Chinese network will organize what we think is a good choice strategy.

Tip: At any time, we do not numb the pursuit of business Almighty, each business has its own advantages and disadvantages.

 First, according to our budget ability to choose

There must be some netizens, like the author, from the masonry VPS host only began to go online there is the use of this service provider, some of them with the business strategy changes, reduce the low configuration and low prices after the choice to leave this business.Then go to pursue other service providers, this is reasonable, we any time for the choice of merchants are changing, which is cheap or which performance is not good, we definitely need to change merchants.It is also based on our budgetary capacity.

Here we do not talk about the stability and performance of merchants, from the price is a lot of netizens preferred factors, especially we see a variety of VPS, host evaluation sites, there are cheap VPS release and then to choose to buy, some friends are rational purchase, because they need to reduce costs to choose low prices, some for the sake of cheap to choose.If we feel that the price of the masonry VPS host is right, we choose, it is not appropriate to choose.

 Second, choose according to the purpose of the project

According to my personal understanding, we choose to carry masonry VPS host some users are built for the purpose of the station, but also station group construction station.Why is that?Because we chose the virtual host to build the station, because the inherent virtual host only share IP, there is no independent IP, so will turn to the choice of VPs, because VPS have a separate IP.Therefore, there are many netizens choose cheap VPS used to build station groups, and the masonry VPS host has more than 10 data centers, which is more suitable for the station group for the computer room and IP dispersion needs.

The masonry VPS host is also suitable for some friends for multi-IP switching temporary use of the project.For example, some friends use to brush orders and click to praise the business.But this kind of project is not suitable to buy expensive configuration, after all, need to save costs, generally buy 512MB-1GB memory around.

 Third, how to choose the construction station business

If we choose to build the station business VPS host, the masonry VPS to choose More is CN2 gia speed is better, CN2 GT machine Room, for the Hong Kong machine room price is relatively high, but the speed is really better, suitable for tuhao users, ordinary users or do not choose, too expensive.And at present the lowest price is 39.99 months pay, we can choose other to replace.If we are a novice user learning to build a station or learn a Linux system, it is recommended to choose a 19.99-year payment solution for the KVM General room.

The speed selection echelon from the engine room is recommended: CN2 GIA > CN2 GT > KVM General Qnet, if we have enough budget, we can also experience the speed of the Hong Kong machine room.

 Iv. Configuration Selection Recommendations

At present, the minimum configuration of the masonry VPS host is 512MB of memory, this configuration than the early years began to come out with a minimum of 64MB memory is much higher, in fact, this configuration is also built on the basis of the configuration of the station.We can use it to build stations or other businesses.However, if the site traffic is relatively large or the user has more access, memory estimation is not enough, at least need to 1GB-2GB memory start.After all, for the masonry VPS merchants, bandwidth is relatively fixed 1Gbps, hard disk 20GB start around, even 10GB is enough, the general site is not much, unless we really are a lot of resources content.

In fact, after not enough configuration, we can also upgrade to other advanced configurations, but do not support demotion, so we can start not to choose too high configuration, not enough to upgrade later.When we buy, we can refer to novice users to move masonry VPS to buy graphic guidance tutorial

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