Bandwagonhost Masonry VPS Quick Installation BT Pagoda Web panel (suitable for all Linux VPS)

We've also mentioned several articles in previous articles about installing Web site environments in Linux VPS, servers, where most of our webmasters might like panels with visual interfaces, after all, most users are transitioning from virtual hosts and are used to visualizing interfaces.

Among them, in the last year, we have seen a relatively new web panel-BT Pagoda panel, supporting Windows and Linux System Building Web panel, in this article, the masonry VPS Chinese network will be installed in 512MB Memory VPS installation BT Panel test.

TIP: If we are used to build a site, select the Linux vps/server to recommend more than 512MB of memory.

 First, install the default Linux system

In the demonstration in this article, I am using 512MB memory to carry the masonry VPS host installation test, if we are used to build the station according to the site traffic needs to adjust the upgrade configuration, the general construction site base needs at least 512MB of memory.The system I use is the CENTOS6 64-bit system.

Tip: At present, BT Pagoda panel in CentOS 6 64-bit system compatibility is better.

 Second, enter a one-click command installation

Yum install-y wget && wget-o && sh


According to the tip, if our server is a U.S. computer room here, select the 3 US node, and then enter Y carriage return installation.

 Third, the installation is complete to obtain login account

We can see the image above, the installation is fast, after the end of the default ip:8888 is the login port, as well as the user name and password.

Enter your username and password, and then log in to the background

 IV, choose to install LNMP or lamp

After logging into the background, we can see that the pop-up lets us choose whether to install LNMP or lamp, and we can choose Phpmysqlnginx and other versions to install quickly.After the installation is complete, we can build the station in the background.

 V. Add a website using the BT panel

Because the background is the Chinese interface, so it is very simple, we can add sites, domain names, databases, FTP station, this and we have used the virtual host panel is basically the same.

BT Pagoda Panel is characterized by simple background, not so complex, can meet most of the functional construction station needs, can be different sites using different versions of PHP.

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