Masonry VPS How to reinstall Linux system procedures and considerations graphic examples

If we are new to the masonry VPS, the default is to install the CentOS system, specific information and login account, port in our registration provided in the mailbox, if we do not know or want to reinstall the system, can also be done in the panel.We can first "choose to log in to the purchased VPS program Panel" and enter the VPS panel where we currently need to reinstall the system.

TIP: Using the KIWIVM panel, the management is very simple, we need to close the stop current system before we can reinstall.

Reinstalling the VPS system is simple, we can check the current VPS status, if it is running, we need to stop stopped first.

 First, stop the current VPS host status

After logging in to the KIWIVM panel, in the left menu "MAIN CONTROLS" menu state, and then you can see the figure above, we need to stop to pause the current system run State first.

TIP: If you see that the status is running, you need to pause, and if you've paused, we can skip this step directly.

 Second, reinstall the masonry system

Click on the left menu "Install new OS" and we can see the following figure, ready to select the Linux system you want to reinstall.

After we select the version of the system we need, and then tick the consent terms, click the Reload button to reload.

We can see that after reinstalling the system, we are given a new root password and port, which we need to keep in mind, especially since the port is not 22 of the merchants we use.

In general, we reinstall the system for about 1 minutes, you can log in, the masonry VPS to reinstall the system is still very fast.In this way, we can at any time, any location to our masonry VPS installation system, there is no limit to the number of installations, some Chinese service providers will have a limit of the number of times, so in fact, the performance of their VPS is not guaranteed the reason is reflected.

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