How to self-upgrade the masonry VPS host?

At the beginning, we don't know how much memory and traffic we need. VPS scenarios may be selected by the masonry VPS opening tutorial to a scheme similar to the annual payment of 3.99, but the required traffic for the project may not be sufficient, and we can upgrade to other high-memory and hard disk, monthly traffic scenarios in the following ways.

2017 Year Update: If we don't see the upgrade configuration when we update the upgrade in the background, we can submit a work order asking if the merchant can help with the upgrade.

TIP: Upgrade directly through the following method, or find any netizen who can help PayPal pay.

Before upgrading, the data and configuration in our servers are generally not affected, so there is basically no need to back up the data.

 First, select the VPS solution that needs to be upgraded

According to the figure above, we can go to all current VPS lists, select the scenarios that need to be upgraded, and click the corresponding Manage button to enter the management.

 Second, click the Upgrade Options button

In the figure above, we can see and click the "Upgrade/downgrade" button to prepare for the upgrade.

 Third, select the scenarios that need to be upgraded

Depending on our needs, we can choose to pay 9.9 or 4.99 or 5.99 of the year, and then click the Choose Product button later.

Finally, we click the Payment button to make the payment.After payment is complete, you can see in the VPS list that the current scenario is upgraded and takes effect immediately.

About upgrading the VPS scheme, generally if used to build the station needs, at least the need for 512MB memory scheme, if it is used to build software testing, that according to the need for traffic, such as 100GB enough, then 3.99 years to pay on it.

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