Los Angeles CN2 Line scheme switch other KVM General machine room

If we have recently tested and used the Bandwagonhost merchant Los Angeles CN2 VPS Host, you will certainly see a greater difference than the normal OpenVZ and KVM schema line speed.And at the beginning of the October CN2 line to achieve Unicom and telecommunications double direct connection, although this time line is generally not very stable, at night most overseas VPS host delay or drop more packets, but relatively speaking, the CN2 line compared to the ordinary will still be better.

If we are not particularly pursuit of speed, the ordinary KVM architecture can still be used, but it does not matter at present, as long as the selection of ordinary KVM architecture VPS, can be switched to the CN2 room in the background, we can refer to allow bandwagonhost/to move masonry KVM VPS Replacement CN2 Line This article, although switching from a normal KVM to CN2, traffic will be two-thirds less, but for general purpose users, is still sufficient.

Tip: At present, the basic 512MB configuration scheme is out of stock, if we need to be able to buy monthly payment CN2 or ordinary KVM.

When we choose the Los Angeles CN2 line, we will find that only one machine room can choose, but this does not matter, since the ordinary KVM can switch to CN2, then we can also see in the background CN2 independent machine room can also see in the background switch other KVM ordinary machine room.

 First, check the computer room at the time of purchase

When we choose the CN2 line scheme, we can see the above figure, there is only one CN2 machine room.

 Second, backstage switch to other computer rooms

But it doesn't matter, we can switch the machine room in the background when we see the current CN2 machine room, can also switch to other ordinary KVM machine room.If we CN2 switch to ordinary KVM configuration and traffic is constant, if we were originally KVM ordinary room, switch to CN2, that traffic will be less than two-thirds.

 Third, summary

This situation is also a viable option at present, but it does not rule out that in the event that the official change policy cannot be switched, it is all subject to what is actually seen.

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