Masonry VPS Solution: Update all masonry bandwagonhost configuration lists and purchase channels

Moving masonry, because its official website logo is bandwagonhost, a bit like the spelling of Banwagong, so our domestic stationmaster likes to call as a masonry VPS.The masonry vps is a cheap VPS host with high cost performance, and it is suitable for entry-level netizens to learn Linux and build station uses.(Affirmation and Recommendation: The use of VPS, servers for illegal purposes is strictly prohibited and must be used formally.))
The masonry VPS, affiliated to the United States IT7 Company’s low-priced KVM, OpenVZ VPS Host Program, since December 2018 to cancel the Ovz renewal.In particular, several special cheap annual payment VPS, whether from value for money or stability are very suitable for Volkswagen VPS user needs, we can use to build stations, Linux system learning, software debugging, can also complete a variety of beginners need to test the normal use of the project.Anyway, it can be used exclusively as a novice to learn VPS host selection cost-effective VPS.The CN2 line has been added successively and the Hong Kong computer room has been added in October 2017.
The masonry VPS ( unofficial website, just because the author uses this VPS for a long time, and easy for other new users to learn more about this good value for money VPS host, share this topic site, I hope to provide you with some help.Merchants have been cancelling the low price scheme, should be interested in turning to the high-end user base, so the stability will be improved.We choose any VPS, are recommended to use monthly payment, especially unfamiliar businesses, of course, we are familiar with this can choose the annual payment, after all, the annual payment is relatively cheap a little.(Alipay payment is currently supported, can be purchased on its own, more secure)

 Recommended Scheme for masonry VPS

The masonry VPS, the most like us and the high user usage rate of the following a few cheap annual payment solutions, the base of the annual payment originally only 3.99 U.S. dollars, is now out of stock.Merchants began to turn to the middle and high-end user base, has begun to do not do low-price strategy.All use OpenVZ, KVM Architecture Linux system environment, support CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and other more than 30 common system versions.And do not limit the number of reloading systems (some businesses have a daily/monthly limit on the number of installations), so for beginners to learn VPS, there is a need to install multiple times is a good choice.

2017, the masonry VPS merchants added Los Angeles MC, Canada, New York, CN2, Hong Kong and other computer rooms, currently a total of 11 computer rooms/Data centers can choose, and from March, the new KVM VPS, compared to the OPENVZ architecture, more flexible, can install compatible software more, better stability.October added Hong Kong machine room, CN2 machine room also added to 2 (DC3/DC8).Starting in December 2018, the OPENVZ architecture and the discontinuation of the 19.99-year payment programme will be cancelled.

TIP: All systems can only be Linux systems, can not choose Windows System, we can install their own Remote Desktop, any repeated installation system.

In general, we users will be based on the needs of their own projects, choose the following 10 cheap annual payment Solutions One, if you need to upgrade/downgrade in the future, you can operate in the background, if it is a station application, personal advice or need to choose memory more than 512MB scheme.

Masonry coupon Code: At present we can use the BWH26FXH3HIQ coupon code to save another 5%, or we view the “All available Options” (2019.2.13 Update: The new Los Angeles CN2 GIA DC6 machine room, bandwidth up to 10Gbps)

First, Los Angeles CN2 GIA (three-net direct connection, speed stability)

  Scheme  MemoryHard diskMonthly FlowRoomPriceClick to buy
A Configuration
Click to buy
B Configuration 1GB20GB SSD  1TBGIA CN2
$25.99/QuarterClick to buy
C Configuration 2GB40GB SSD  2TBGIA CN2
$51.99/QuarterClick to buy
D Configuration 4GB80GB SSD  3TBGIA CN2
$32.99/MonthClick to buy
E Configuration 8GB160GB SSD  5TBGIA CN2
$62.99/MonthClick to buy
F Configuration 16GB320GB SSD  8TBGIA CN2
$119.99/MonthClick to buy

Second, Los Angeles CN2 Machine Room (Los Angeles CN2 machine room, you can switch other KVM ordinary machine room)

  Scheme  MemoryHard diskMonthly FlowRoomPriceClick to buy
A Configuration  512MB10GB SSD  500GBLOS Angeles CN2$29.99/yearsClick to buy
B Configuration 1GB20GB SSD  1000GBLOS Angeles CN2$29.99/half YearClick to buy
C Configuration 2GB40GB SSD  2000GBLOS Angeles CN2$27.99/QuarterClick to buy
D Configuration 4GB80GB SSD  3000GBLOS Angeles CN2$19.99/MonthClick to buy
E Configuration 8GB160GB SSD  5000GBLOS Angeles CN2$39.99/Month
Click to buy

Third, Hong Kong computer Room scheme (Hong Kong computer room only, can not switch machine room)

SchemeMemoryHard diskMonthly FlowRoomPriceClick to buy
A Configuration4096MB80GB300GBHong kong$39.99/MonthClick to buy
B Configuration8192MB160GB500GBHong kong$79.99/MonthClick to buy
C Configuration
Hong kong$159.99/Month
Click to buy
D Configuration
2000GBHong kong$319.99/Month
Click to buy
E Configuration
4000GBHong kong$599.99/MonthClick to buy

IV, KVM VPS architecture Scheme (can switch to CN2 GT machine room, but traffic will be reduced by two-thirds)

Scheme MemoryHard disk Monthly Flow  Room PriceClick to buy
A Configuration1024MB
8 Machine Rooms
$25.99/half YearClick to buy
B Configuration2048MB
8 Machine Rooms
$27.99/seasonClick to buy
C Configuration4096MB80GB SSD3000GB8 Machine Rooms$19.99/MonthClick to buy
D Configuration
8 Machine Rooms$39.99/Month
Click to buy
E Configuration
8 Machine Rooms
$79.99/MonthClick to buy

V, Los Angeles CN2 GIA ecommerce Large bandwidth Solutions

Scheme  MemoryHard diskMonthly FlowRoomPriceClick to buy
A Configuration (2.5Gbps)
Click to buy
B Configuration (2.5Gbps) 2GB40GB SSD  2000GBDC6 GIA CN2$69.99/QuarterClick to buy
C Configuration (2.5Gbps) 4GB80GB SSD 3000GBDC6 GIA CN2$49.99/MonthClick to buy
D Configuration (5Gbps) 8GB160GB SSD  5000GBDC6 GIA CN2$75.99/MonthClick to buy
E Configuration (5Gbps) 16GB320GB SSD 8000GBDC6 GIA CN2$129.99/MonthClick to buy
F Configuration (10Gbps) 32GB640GB SSD 10000GBDC6 GIA CN2$249.99/MonthClick to buy
G Configuration (10Gbps) 64GB1280GB SSD 12000GBDC6 GIA CN2$479.99/MonthClick to buy

Currently available masonry VPS list: Click here to see all the current can buy the masonry program, and the purchase time to use the Bwh26fxh3hiq coupon code to save 6%, can save a little good, you think?

##### supplement updates available for masonry VPS coupon code Information #####

H3HIQ 6.5% (current maximum dis
count) BWH1FOXX
E 3%BWH1NJJHL 4.5%

 Masonry VPS FAQ

Updates we need to select the available discount codes.

Tip: In general, we users may have these problems when purchasing and using masonry VPS.Here the author collates these may be what you need.

1, the masonry VPS suitable for which users to use?

Answer: Personal comparison simple novice Learning VPS host application beginners, like tossing and a variety of hanging machine needs of the user.The use of hosts for undesirable purposes is strictly prohibited and may result in the closure of servers or other legal consequences.

2. Which scheme do I need to buy to build a station?

Answer: If used to build a station for use, personal recommendations 512MB Memory + scenarios, whether using a one-click Environment Package or a Web panel, 512MB memory is the base configuration.However, as the content and traffic of the site increase, we may need to upgrade the server in the future.If the traffic is large, it is recommended to change other service providers, after all, this service provider is only suitable for the basic use.

3. Can I install a Windows system with a masonry VPS?

Answer: There is currently only a Linux system, but you can install VNC on it or otherwise install a Linux system-based desktop environment.

4, purchase and use is not satisfied with the support refund?

Answer: Currently only support for new registered accounts within 30 days to request a refund, more than 30 days the account does not support refunds (refund policy).(previously there was a refund opportunity for each account)

5, the masonry VPS host suitable for the construction station use?

Answer: Any VPS can be used to build stations, whether well-known or non-well-known businesses, to do a good job of regular data backup.For this VPS service provider, remember to pay the cost and give the price is quite enough, and do not expect too high.

6. What problems do I need to pay attention to when registering my new account?

Answer: When a new user registers an account, you can refer to the “Purchase tutorial” to purchase and register for a new account, which is simpler and more convenient.and personal information can not be true, but the country and the basic information should not be written at will, and can not be used “surrogate &&” IP login and registration, which will be found to be fraudulent orders.

7, if the purchase of the host is not enough to upgrade other advanced scenarios?

Answer: If we start to buy the basic program, you can apply in the background to upgrade other options, only need to supplement the difference can be, you can refer to this method (reference: Self-service upgrade to the masonry VPS Host scheme method).

8, Masonry VPS How to replace IP and switch other computer rooms?

Answer: Masonry VPS One of the great advantages is that you can switch between other computer rooms in the KIWIVM panel, which allows you to replace different IP addresses indefinitely.

9. What data center do we choose better?

Answer: The masonry VPS currently has Los Angeles MC, Los Angeles QN, Phoenix, Florida, the Netherlands, the 8 data centers, the Chinese speed is better than Los Angeles and Phoenix.(8 Masonry data Centers test IP)

10. What if the traffic is not enough to use?

Answer: Any VPS solution has a traffic limit, if the traffic is not enough to use we can upgrade the scheme, or wait for the next month can continue to use.(Reference: Interpretation of the masonry VPS host traffic calculation mode/flow run out how to do?

11, the masonry VPS host expiration How to renew the fee?

Answer: If we do not cancel the automatic renewal reminder, it will be generated about 12 days before the expiration of the laborious, will also be emailed to remind us that we can renew the bill directly by clicking on the work order.If we cancel the automatic renewal reminder, then we need to submit a ticket, request a renewal, and then manually renew our work order.(A few questions about the renewal of the masonry VPS, automatic renewal and cancellation of the renewal fee)

12, the low-cost annual payment plan will still have the goods?

Answer: Starting at the end of 2018, the masonry VPS host cancels the low price allocation of the annual payment scheme.There may be new products in 2019, or businesses may start abandoning low-priced and inexpensive markets to show performance products.For example, we can see CN2 GIA, Hong Kong and other computer rooms.It is hoped that new products will be available in 2019.

13. How is the speed of the masonry VPS?

Answer: At present, the masonry VPS can choose Los Angeles, Phoenix, Florida, the Netherlands 8 computer rooms, Los Angeles and Phoenix speed is good, especially the speed of the day is better, at night due to international export problems, not only the masonry, other service providers are not very stable speed.(8 machine room speed address)

14. Can I renew the OPENVZ structure after it expires?

Answer: Starting in December 2018, we can see that the OPENVZ architecture is off the shelves, and the OVZ architecture VPS hosts that we already have in our accounts cannot be renewed.After expiration will be deleted, so we should purchase a new VPS host relocation data Migration in advance.This ensures that your data is secure.After all, mainstream businesses are currently using KVM architectures, and even previous use of Xen architectures have changed the use of KVM architectures.(Reference: Masonry OPENVZ Architecture The lower rack cannot be renewed to migrate to the KVM architecture)

15, Masonry VPS can buy multi-independent IP?

Answer: By default, we buy any machine room VPS has only one independent IP address, if our project needs more than one independent IP address, that can be submitted to ticket and official customer service purchase, but relatively expensive, 2.5 of dollars per month, so it is not as good as our own purchase of new machines.

16. Why is there a fraudulent bill for Bandwagonhost order?

Answer: I often see netizens mention that they were banned from paying when they purchased the Bandwagonhost VPS Server because of fraudulent orders, the problem is mainly caused by our personal problems.For example, we do not use non-local IP to conceal their own real information, as well as personal information scribbling, including national information must be true.And our sources of payment are authentic.

17, Bandwagonhost VPS Server account security and whether you need to purchase?

Answer: Bandwagonhost now supports Alipay payment, we do not need to find someone to buy, directly can be used credit cards, Alipay, PayPal and other means of their own payment, even if the previous purchase of the account renewal can also be their own renewal of the fee.For account security, we need to use our own mailboxes and passwords more complex, or turn on the password verification Mechanism two times.We try to ensure the security of the server, because being warned three times will be suspended.

18. How to use the masonry/cheap VPS host correctly?

Answer: We can see a lot of similar American VPS hosts like masonry vps on the Internet, in fact, whether it is cheap or expensive, we have to treat the same.In particular, VPS and virtual host is different, there are too many uncertainties, we especially need to pay attention to the regular backup of website data, once there is a problem can be transferred and recovered data.

19, the latest about the masonry VPS switching machine room and IP issues

Answer: Recently due to the fact that many users ‘ IP addresses are inaccessible due to operations, this has something to do with many of our project operations.For a large number of IP waste problems, the masonry VPS Merchants for restricted IP machines can not be given to replace the machine room, so we choose VPS when we should pay attention to the use of specifications.(Choose the masonry VPS Room scheme and correct switch machine room/ip method)

20, to move masonry Los Angeles CN2 GT in DC3 and DC8 choose Which?

Answer: At present, the masonry in Los Angeles CN2 machine room, in addition to CN2 Gia is a three-network direct connection line, the ordinary one-way CN2 DC8 and DC3, many netizens entangled in the end to choose which.In fact, the speed of the day is basically the same, at night compared to DC8 CN2 will be slightly more stable, but the specific need to see the actual user Area node network.(How to choose the DC3 and DC8 rooms of the masonry CN2 programme)

21. What is the structure scheme of the masonry KVM?

Answer: In March 2017, we can see that the new KVM architecture scheme, from the stability point of view, is certainly more stable than OpenVZ, and can install more software, some specific software can only be installed in Xen, KVM architecture, do not support OPENVZ, so look at the needs of our users.If you do not mind the KVM 6 machine room, it is recommended that you select the KVM schema first.

22. Choose the KVM Architecture or choose the OpenVZ architecture?

Answer: May 2017, see the masonry bandwagonhost business will be the KVM structure readjustment, there are 6 machine rooms, the price base configuration and 8 machine room OpenVZ, when we choose the user, the personal proposal to choose the KVM architecture, if you need more room, you can choose OpenVZ.Because the KVM schema supports a BBR kernel.

23. What about the new Los Angeles CN2 machine room?

Answer: The new Los Angeles CN2 machine Room is officially online, and can not switch to other computer rooms, and the price compared with other computer room solutions is still a little higher, after all, the cost is higher.From the speed point of view, CN2 machine room Telecom Direct connection speed is better, at present Unicom has not been directly connected, it is said that the back will be optimized line (reference: CN2 line speed measurement situation).

24, Los Angeles CN2 can replace the machine room?

Answer: When we choose the VPS host solution, the advantage of this business is multi-machine room, and can switch in the background, for some projects is really more cost-effective.The Los Angeles CN2 machine Room does not see other machine rooms when it is purchased, but we can switch to other KVM ordinary line rooms in the background.(Reference: Los Angeles CN2 line scheme switch other KVM ordinary machine room).

25, Masonry Hong Kong machine Room VPS Host in the end how?

Answer: In view of the needs of users, the masonry VPS merchants also have launched Hong Kong computer room, configuration on 1Gbps bandwidth, this absolutely strong competition, but the flow of 100GB month start, really slightly smaller point, if we build station use is really not necessary, if there is indeed money, that can buy a try, suggest monthly payment plan.(Reference: Masonry Hong Kong data Center/Machine Room VPS Host performance speed test).

26, to move the masonry VPS host IP does not pass how to do?

Answer: If we cause the masonry VPS host IP to be impassable or blocked for special reasons, the current solution is to repurchase a VPS or apply for a new IP address, but it is recommended that we use any VPS host when it needs to be used formally in order to ensure the safe operation of the server.(Reference: The method of changing the IP address of the masonry VPS and how to ensure IP Security).

27, the masonry VPS gia/gt CN2 How to choose?

Answer: In mid-March 2018, merchants released a beta version of the GIA CN2 program, which is theoretically better than GT CN2, but is currently in the testing phase, so it is safe for us users to suggest or use the CN2 GT scheme, and the GIA CN2 program is currently a scenario with a higher cost.(Reference: The masonry VPS host CN2 GT and CN2 GIA selection Recommendations).

28. What is the VPS choice for the use of the masonry VPS construction station?

Answer: If we are needed to build a site use, the masonry VPS is suitable for building a regular website, if it is a large website is not recommended to use this service provider’s products.Value for money in the large configuration of the more expensive, and service providers if the server overload resources three times will be banned, so it is not recommended for large sites.If you need to choose, it is recommended to use the CN2 GIA-CN2 GT-KVM scheme.

29, the masonry CN2 GIA and Hong Kong computer room to choose Which?

Answer: From the actual test, the current CN2 GIA line program is currently the best in the United States line room, whether day and night, the speed is relatively good.Some netizens asked how Hong Kong and CN2 Gia Choose which, in fact, from the cost is indeed Hong Kong is more expensive, and Hong Kong traffic is relatively small.It is recommended that if we use more traffic or CN2 GIA, if it is really necessary for speed, you can use Hong Kong.(Reference: Moving masonry CN2 GIA program and Hong Kong PCCW machine Room line to the end of the choice)

30, the masonry VPS host IP is sealed how to do?

Answer: In fact, not only a certain VPS host, basically a lot of host merchants have these users encountered the host IP blocked problem.The 99.99% problem is due to the use of items that we do not allow, and a small part of it may be due to miscalculation.So let’s not say how businesses are, in fact, caused by our own improper use.If the IP is sealed in the masonry VPS host, how to solve it?There is currently a purchase of a new IP, as well as waiting five weeks for a free replacement, or to repurchase the server directly.

31, how to avoid server IP security is not blocked?

Answer: Often some netizens mentioned that their purchase of the server IP seal problem, in fact, if our regular use of the seal probability is very small.If the server IP is blocked, we need to ask ourselves what you have done?If it is formal learning to use, build a regular website, it is certainly rare to have such a probability.If it’s your own problem, then we can only choose to buy a new IP or wait for the replacement of the free IP. The reason and solution of the IP seal of the masonry server

32, the masonry Los Angeles CN2 DC3 and CN2 DC8 choose Which?

Answer: We have seen in the masonry room in addition to what we know CN2 Gia and Hong Kong machine room is really better, but CN2 GT has DC3 and DC8 can choose between.Actually we test after the difference between the two is not big, are half-way CN2 line, some areas CN2 DC8 will be slightly better.Our users can use to switch to see which one of their own good to use.Reference: How to choose the DC3 and DC8 rooms of the masonry CN2 scheme

搬瓦工,CN2高速线路,1GB带宽,电信联通优化KVM,延迟低,速度快,建站稳定,搬瓦工BandwagonHost VPS优惠码BWH26FXH3HIQ,支持<支付宝> 【点击购买】!





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