Request refund policy and method for masonry VPS host

Generally we choose domestic and foreign host products, merchants support in a certain cycle to the refund, because we contact a new business before, for the merchant really do not know very well, even if you hear some friends introduction or evaluation blog Introduction.But after our actual use there may indeed be some gap with what we actually expect.For example, we are in the purchase of masonry VPS mainframe host, speed, stability and so on is not particularly satisfied, the user request for a refund is understandable.

Masonry VPS Host originally in the author contact when the refund policy is an account has two refunds to apply for permission, we after the purchase of VPS host, within 30 days can apply for a refund, only need to submit a work order application can be.However, the policy has now changed to support only the newly registered account within 30 days, and then the purchased VPS host to request a refund only to support, and only one application is supported.

TIP: If we need a refund in choosing a masonry VPS host, only a new registered account can be supported within 30 days.

Therefore, for any new contact with the merchant, we still recommend the choice of monthly payment plan, do not pay the plan, so that even if there is a problem, we will not lose more costs.After familiar with this business later, we choose a longer payment cycle.

 First, the official policy

Yes, we have 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee, subject to our Terms of Services. Please submit a request for full refund by havigating to:

The system would enter a request to my billing department on your behalf.

If we need to apply for a refund, we need an account registration within 30 days, not a VPS host within 30 days.So if we are old accounts, refunds are not supported.When eligible, we click on the application address and then we can see the Eligible Application Wizard.

 Second, the actual look at the situation

As you can see from the figure above, my account is not supported for refunds.Because our account registration is no longer within 30 days.If we support refunds the will be displayed and then apply.Refunds will be refunded to our payment account within 7 days of the application.

 Third, the correct choice of posture

Bandwagonhost merchants to provide VPS hosts, has now begun to trend towards the midrange user base, began to eliminate low prices and some restrictions.So for us to learn Linux and simple station can still be, if we need to use for large sites, it is recommended or choose other merchants.After all, in the choice of this service provider's user base, more is still used to get started.And for the high-end configuration, cost-effective is not particularly good, especially after more than 2GB of memory, the price really does not have much advantage.

Relatively speaking, KVM ordinary machine room, CN2 program Basic program is still relatively stable, for Hong Kong machine room, give less flow, if we have money can try.After all, the 1GBPS bandwidth speed is really OK, but the cost is indeed relatively high.For the merchant refund policy, a lot of people have been using a few days to refund, so now with account registration time to limit refunds, but also let us use stably, is not used to toss.

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