Masonry VPS Select Login to purchased VPS program panel

We have purchased their own masonry VPS in the "Novice User tile VPS Purchase Graphics Tutorial" article, but there are many novice users who may not use it.For example, we logged in to the background can not find the VPS, and do not know how to log on to the KIWIVM Panel Foundation of the problem.

TIP: We can use this article to know how to log in to the purchased VPS Panel for management.

In general, we need to wait about 2-3 minutes after purchasing payment, the current VPS scheme from the pending state into active activation state, so that it is only used.

 First, log in to our current list of VPS scenarios

After logging in to the background, we can see the interface above, click "Services"-"My Services", and then we can see a list of all current VPS scenarios.If you see active, it represents the current activation state and is available.

TIP: Newly purchased VPS, starting with the pending state, will take 2-3 minutes to become active.

 Second, login to the masonry VPS panel

The same is the picture above, we see the current VPS, need to enter the current VPS panel to manage VPS, all operations are in the panel.Click the "KIWIVM Control Panel" button at the back, and you can go to the Panel interface.

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