Masonry VPS Host Traffic calculation mode/flow run out how to do?

When we see any VPS, server configuration, see the number of CPU cores, memory, hard disk, in fact, we are most concerned about whether there is traffic?Flow we should be more clear, just like mobile phone traffic, even if the phone can answer the phone, but the lack of traffic will not be overspent package fees?For our choice of Masonry VPS host Scheme (Introduction to the common scheme of masonry VPS), is not to see the traffic is still different?Some 500GB, 1000GB, as well as Hong Kong machine room 100GB and so on.

Under normal circumstances, we generally build station use, 100GB monthly flow is enough, unless you really are relatively large site is not enough, so we basically do not have to worry about insufficient traffic.If our project does consume a lot of traffic, then how do we deal with these problems.

TIP: The traffic of the General VPS host is calculated in both directions, and access is required to be calculated.

In this article, the masonry Chinese network will share with netizens in detail about the way to calculate the traffic of the masonry VPS host, and how to see how much traffic we have left?Of course, we can also refer to this method to see the traffic situation of other businesses.

 First, how to calculate the flow?

We can see that the masonry VPS host port is a 1Gbps shared port, which is generally shared and rarely independent unless we are a server.According to this speed in and out of the flow, full bandwidth of the run out or more than the consumption of traffic.And the masonry VPS host traffic is two-way calculation, in and out are counted traffic, such as our 1000GB traffic, in fact, can only calculate 500GB flow into or out.

There are many netizens asked about the flow of the calculation cycle, the general VPS host is based on the monthly calculation cycle.For example, 1000GB traffic in this month, next month there is still 1000GB traffic.Some service providers are relatively small bandwidth, unlimited traffic.

 Second, view the real traffic situation

When we log in to the current masonry VPS panel, we see the "bandwidth usage" shown in the figure above, which indicates the current traffic situation.The back data represents the total number of traffic, which represents the traffic that has been used earlier.The current scheme has 100GB traffic and has been used in 50GB.You can also see the time ahead, on behalf of December 3 will be back to a new natural month, will continue to have 100GB traffic.

 Third, how much traffic do we need to do/how to run out

This needs to use how much traffic, but also need to see our actual projects, if it is used to set up the use of the site, 100GB I reckon I can not use the end, if we are downloading resources, then the consumption of relatively large traffic.Specifically, we also need to focus on the panel above.If the traffic is exhausted, our current server will be paused and will need to wait until the next natural month updates the new traffic can be restarted.So, there are times when our servers are not available, and we need to see if the traffic is running out.

Finally, even if the flow is not enough, we should not be afraid, can refer to the self-service upgrade to the masonry VPS Host Program method article, upgrade configuration.We can ask customer service to submit a work order, ask if the current server can be upgraded, we can also re-purchase the new program larger configuration.If our server traffic is really much used and not for our own use, it needs to check if there is a backdoor vulnerability, check the program, and so on.

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