Why the masonry VPS host IP easy to seal the method of not sealing the IP address

In recent times, we moved masonry Chinese network to see a lot of netizens in complaining about their purchase of the masonry bandwagonhost VPS Host Server IP was sealed, most netizens should be built not allowed items caused by, There are some netizens are used for the formal construction of stations or their own learning to use the actually also have IP address sealed problem.The more problems that have arisen before are that some of the projects we have built are not allowed, so that the sealed IP address can also make sense, if it is for no reason to be sealed IP, what is the problem?

In view of this problem, we will analyze and elaborate on the problems that have arisen with the recent masonry VPS to see if we are also part of these issues and what we can do to solve the problem.We have previously described the reasons for the server IP seal and the workaround in the article "Why the masonry server IP is blocked and the workaround", but this article should be more detailed and give some user guidance and advice.

TIP: If we are a regular long-term project, it is recommended to choose a different stable server, preferably a domestic server.

 First, which issues may cause the server IP to be blocked

On this issue, we have actually introduced in an article before (the reason for the sealing of the masonry server IP and the solution), but in view of the recent emergence of more such problems we need to analyze in detail.Sometimes it may not be caused by a problem of our own use, or it may be due to an IP segment problem or a problem that has been used by the user.

1, their own project problems

We have a lot of netizens choose cheap VPS mainframe machines, such as the choice of the masonry VPS host here, is not used for formal use.For example, for bad use, mass mailing, or even attacks and other purposes, such a greater probability of the sealed IP, and even the server may be suspended.If we have a problem with server IP being blocked, we first check our own problems, whether there is a problem with the project we set up, and if the security of the server has external outsourcing or unsafe factors exist.These may be the reason why the IP of the masonry server is blocked, of course, other hosts encounter such problems will also have the possibility of being sealed IP.

2, the server IP segment problems

On this issue is also the first time we proposed, because overseas OEMs, especially cheap servers, most netizens used to toss or some items that are not allowed, so those netizens or the same IP segment of the server may be blocked IP, so because of the policy problem of the sealed IP, may be the server IP segment all prohibited.Therefore, we will see that they are clearly used to do the site or test learning, the first day is also good, the next day actually can not be used.

3, server IP legacy issues

What do you call a legacy?In particular, the masonry VPS host is to allow users to switch their own IP and computer room, for example, such as a user before the project is used to not allow items, so may be monitored and sealed processing, but this user himself in the sealed IP before the switch to other computer rooms, So you buy the IP address that was released and is not currently sealed.As a result, due to process problems, previous processing will seal your IP.Because we know that the server IP address or website is blocked, the beginning of the need for investigation and process processing, in the process we may register to this IP itself, it was wronged.

4. Restrictions on individual areas

Recently saw several dubbed IP netizens, found a bizarre problem.Testing can be seen in a few areas where the detection ping is impassable, but most of it is no problem.Then by moving the masonry with its own detection IP sealed tool is detected to be sealed.So it can be seen that the IP of a server can be used, not to see whether most of the smooth, but also to see some areas, if there are exceptions to individual regions, we actually need to replace the IP address, to not affect the project.

 Second, to solve the method of not being sealed IP

Before, we mentioned that our own projects must be used formally.This may not be an IP address, in fact, the method is of course effective at that time, but we can not rule out the possibility that we may be hurt by bad luck.So, when we choose to move the masonry VPS host, there are times when we really need to bring some luck.Is there a solution?

1, timely notification of customer service to solve

If we purchase a new server, we need to open the login the first time after opening and detect if there is a problem.If there is a problem at the beginning, we need to submit the work order immediately for customer service resolution.Only when the situation is reported in the first place can it be made clear.If we open a few days later to use to find the problem, so if we are the merchant also can not say whether it is the purchase of the original problem, or their own use after the problem.

2. Change the IP address for free

The masonry VPS host should take this issue into account, so if our server IP address is blocked, you can detect if it is actually blocked, and then you can change the IP for free for 10 weeks.But many of our netizens have to say, our project is normally mistakenly injured that how to do?At present, there seems to be no better solution, we can only go through the free replacement method, can only hope that we will not be wronged.Of course, we are premised on the need for formal use, so that the probability of being sealed will be much smaller.

3, a choice of selection service providers

If our servers are used for more stable and long-term projects, websites, personal advice or the choice of domestic service providers, to complete the necessary procedures, so that this generally does not occur.The choice of overseas service providers is likely to have such problems, so when we use overseas service providers, we must have such preparation and consideration.

Summary, any service provider has advantages and disadvantages, including we see the masonry VPS mainframe is no exception, so we choose or have problems, in the analysis of their own problems at the same time, but also to consider whether other factors caused.Then decide whether we can continue to use it.In fact, it can be judged that merchants in the conscious improvement of the entry threshold, should be in the solution of these problems.

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