The reason and solution of the IP seal of the masonry server

Often have to see netizens in the QQ group, the forum has mentioned their use of the masonry bandwagonhost server IP seal problem, in fact, we use other service providers of the host can also appear these problems.But most of the reasons for these problems are due to projects and uses that our users should not have in the process of using them.This is not, we have mentioned in all the articles and prominent locations, we need to use the formal use in the purchase of any VPS.

If we have a problem with the use of the masonry VPS host and the IP is blocked, is there a solution?In this article, the masonry Chinese network will be collated after the server IP is blocked, and we may address several approaches.

Tip: Again, we use any VPS, the server should be used formally.

 First, the new purchase server

There's really nothing wrong with this approach for the rich, and if IP is blocked, we'll buy one again.After all, these users should be aware of their own project problems, so will not look for business theory, they know their own problems, why trouble?The merchant and the law itself do not allow us to use for items that should not be, so what do you have to ask the merchant to do when you have a problem of your own?Can only bear their own losses.So, when we choose to move the masonry VPS host, if we know that it may cause the IP to be blocked, then I suggest still pay the machine in the month.

We are in the masonry VPS Recommendation Program article, we can see the current mainstream user choice of configuration, there is support monthly payment, annual payment, half-year configuration, if we use for a short period of time, it is recommended to use monthly payment, or re-purchase cost more.

 Second, buy a new IP address

The general host is allowed to add additional IP addresses, but the masonry/bandwagonhost service provider does not allow multiple IP addresses to be added to a single server, but can replace a new IP address for one server, That is, repurchase a new IP address to replace the self-contained IP address already in the old server.However, this new IP address needs to be purchased separately for a fee.It is currently 8.7 dollars an IP address.In the same way, this approach can also be used by us to replace the server with the sealed IP address.

Buy a new IP address:

We can see the address above open and then log in to our account.You can see what is shown in the following figure.

We can see the image above, and then submit the request after the server that buys the new IP address as needed.Then go to the bill and pay for the payment.However, can not be replaced immediately, need to wait within 24 hours, customer service technology processing after we can use.After the replacement, the previous IP address was invalidated and we could only use the new IP address.So, we need to determine if it's an IP issue, and then we're going to change the application.

 Third, free IP address replacement

Masonry VPS merchants are a bit of a conscience of the merchant, if our server IP is blocked, can wait five weeks, and then can apply for a free replacement of an address.Is the general merchant not without this welfare treatment?

Application Address: Https://

We can log in to the KIWIVM panel of the currently blocked server before logging in to the address above.

Then we need to detect whether our server IP is blocked and whether it meets the requirements.If the requirements can be replaced, do not meet the requirements will inform what is the problem, such as IP no problem, that is not the problem, we look for whether there is a problem with the server.If the time is not changed, it will also be prompted.This is quite intelligent.

In short, there are three ways to help us replace the IP address of the masonry VPS host, whether we choose to buy directly for a fee, whether to wait for a free replacement, or to buy a new IP address, depending on the actual situation of our project.

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